How It All Comes Together.

We have established Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, Internal and External Auditing Systems, Document Control, Process Control and Inspection, Laboratory Control and Analysis, and a robust Review and Approval Process.
Discovery & Research

Quality is key to all our manufacturing facilities. Our products go through a lengthy and thorough process from conceptualization to realization. Our R&D Staff develops a product based on a variety of parameters including identifying customer needs, researching market trends, analyzing data, compiling supportive documentation, researching raw material availability, and determining marketability.

Once a product has been identified as being viable, more research is performed to understand all facets of that product’s potential. All of our raw materials are vetted through a robust process spearheaded by our Quality Control Department. Raw materials are tested, retested and analyzed. Prototypes of the product are created. A formulation is reviewed by a variety of department heads.

During every step... Quality is involved to ensure the product meets our high standards of manufacturing.

Quality Control & Production

The raw materials are brought in-house from virtually all corners of the world. Each material is quarantined upon arrival as it is being micro-analyzed, assayed, and identity tested. Once all the test results are reviewed, Quality releases the raw materials to the production floor.

Once all the raw materials have been released, Production takes over from there. The ingredients are measured and weighed and then staged in the Production area. The product is assigned to the appropriate machinery with Quality overseeing each step to ensure we meet our own rigid specifications, as well as FDA’s. During every step of a product’s manufacture, Quality is involved to ensure the product meets our high standards for manufacturing.

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