Beauty (Hair, Skin, Nails)

Collagen is responsible for giving skin elasticity, hair its strength, and connective tissue its ability to hold everything in place. As we age, the outer layer of skin thins and loses elasticity in a process known as elastosis. During this time, a person’s exterior tends to show more signs of wrinkles sagging skin, and less elasticity.

Most topical beauty products claim the benefits of collagen on their label; however, the true benefits of collagen come internally; beauty really does bloom from within. One of the well-known benefits of ingesting collagen, is its ability to promote glowing, vibrant skin. Who needs a 24-karat spray tan when you can drink your way to a natural exuberant glow!

Collagen Protein Benefits for Beauty:

  • A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that giving participants oral collagen over the course of eight weeks significantly reduced the signs of skin’s aging.
  • Collagen protein can help your skin look firmer, increase smoothness, and help your skin cells keep renewing and repairing normally.
  • Collagen may help improve hydration and increase moisture to the skin
  • Collagen promotes stronger, more elastic skin, so it may prove helpful in combating scars, stretch marks, cellulite and damaged skin
  • Collagen promotes longer, stronger, less brittle nails
  • Collagen may be able to help with hair loss by promoting hair growth
  • Collagen is a super protein that promotes fullness and weight loss

Collagen- one ingredient, a world of benefits!

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