Collagen Creamer Variety Pouch | 5-Packets

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Spruce up your morning beverage with our Non-dairy Creamer Variety Pack and instantly transform your average cup of joe into a rich, velvety, smooth pick-me-up! Sample your favorite from our delicious Chocolate, Mocha, and Original flavors as well as our 2 NEW flavors, Peppermint Mocha and Pumpkin Spice. All of our creamers are made with coconut cream powder for a high in fat, low in carb, keto-friendly treat!
  • 8 Essential Amino Acids: Targeting healthy hair, skin, nails and joints
  • 5-grams of Grass Fed Bovine collagen peptides in each packet: (2X daily requirement)
  • High Potency Collagen Peptides: Hydrolyzed collagen peptides with higher purity, higher amino acid count (18) and lower molecular weight in order to maximize absorption
  • Natural minerals and fatty acids from bamboo shoot and coconut powder to revitalize skin and grow stronger nails
  • Easy to Mix in Hot or Cold Drinks 
  • Whey Free, Keto-friendly, and Non-dairy  
  • Zero Sugar, No Artificial Flavor or Sweeteners included

Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein in the body. It’s found in your hair, nails, skin, as well as your bones and joints. Starting in your mid 20's, natural collagen production in your body starts to decline (resulting in signs of aging such as wrinkles, hair thinning, and body aches) Environmental factors such as smoking, high sugar consumption, alcohol consumption and unprotected sun exposure all contribute to premature aging as well. Supplementing with collagen peptides help replenish your body and aid in your natural collagen production.

Just Bloom’s Collagen Creamer can be added to coffee, tea, and recipes. It’s a treat!