Spirulina: The SUPER Superfood

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Spirulina: The SUPER Superfood

What is Vida Ready 

Vida Ready is as the name implies a team set on being “life ready” in health and in wellness. We still carry the same collagen products you love but also added a few more diverse set of products that are ready to tackle the day ahead! We strive for creating a healthy lifestyle for our consumers, especially during times of uncertainty like we are in now. Your health and wellness is of the top priority at Vida Ready and our new Spirulina is no exception. Dubbed the SUPER food of superfoods spirulina is a food we should all add to our daily routine!

What is Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that grows in both fresh and saltwater and can be consumed by both humans and animals. This green superfood is available as a powder, flakes, or as tablets. 

Spirulina was also a primary source of protein for the Aztecs. They would harvest the spirulina from Lake Texcoco and sold the “Tecuitlatl” in cake form. Despite there not being concrete evidence, legend has it Aztec messenger runners took spirulina during their marathons.

Spirulina Health Benefits

May aid in regulating blood sugar levels: There have been both human and animal studies linking spirulina to significantly lower blood sugar levels. Even outperforming popular diabetes drugs like Metformin in some cases! The two-month study they conducted on 25 people with type 2 diabetes, ingested 2 grams of spirulina per day. This resulted in an impressive reduction in blood sugar levels!

Can Improve Muscle Strength and Endurance: Muscle fatigue results from overworking your muscles when working out and can lead to muscle damage and really sore muscles in the end. Spirulina can help athletes and physically active individuals minimize this damage due to its antioxidant properties. In addition, spirulina is beneficial, as some studies pointed to improved muscle strength and endurance.

Losing weight: People usually lose weight by eating fewer calories than they burn. Spirulina’s high-nutrient and low-calorie profile contains a lot of nutrition in a small amount of powder. Introducing spirulina to the diet may help people lose weight without losing nutrition.

Lowers Cholesterol: Cholesterol is unhealthy fat in a person’s blood that can lead to many ailments including heart disease if not taken care of effectively. Spirulina may have a positive impact on blood lipids, which are fats in the blood. In a study, spirulina was found to significantly reduce total cholesterol and lower LDL  or “bad” cholesterol while increasing HDL the “good” cholesterol.

Boosting metabolism Taking spirulina may help boost a person’s metabolism. A higher metabolic rate may make a person feel as if they have more energy. It may also increase the number of calories they burn each day, which may aid weight loss.


Ultimately spirulina is a miracle blue-green algae that is incredibly healthy as it is delicious! Spirulina helps aid the levels of blood lipids, suppresses oxidation, reduces blood pressure, and may help lower blood sugar levels! In other words, spirulina may be one of the few superfoods worthy of the title.

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