Spirulina and Fertility Benefits

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Spirulina and Fertility Benefits

What is Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that grows in both fresh and saltwater and can be consumed by both humans and animals. This green superfood is available as a powder, flakes, or as tablets. 

Spirulina was also a primary source of protein for the Aztecs. They would harvest the spirulina from Lake Texcoco and sold the “Tecuitlatl” in cake form. Despite there not being concrete evidence, legend has it Aztec messenger runners took spirulina during their marathons.

Spirulina and Fertility Benefits

Fertility is a complex subject that affects many people nationwide. What we eat on a day to day basis can promote or discourage our overall fertility. However, smart nutrition is the foundation that helps maintain a healthy and fertile reproduction system. The more nourished we are before we conceive, the more nourished our little babies will be too. In other words, nourishing our bodies with healthy foods such as spirulina during preconception is very important and will help maintain a healthy and fertile foundation.

Vida Ready’s Spirulina was created to make our customers be life ready, as cases of infertility continue to rise, many turn to natural and healthy alternatives like spirulina to increase their chances of fertility. The most popular and natural route many choose to do this is with spirulina. Spirulina is a nutrient-dense, freshwater blue-green algae that contain the highest levels of protein content in all plant foods. Its source of trace minerals helps support the endocrine, immune, nervous, and metabolic systems. Spirulina also alkalizes the body and is rich in antioxidants which is important for egg health. Because of this spirulina is an exceptionally nutritious plant food source, that has been shown to be excellent for supporting healthy fertility and pregnancy. Spirulina is also considered an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce inflammation that causes blockage to the fallopian tube such as Salpingitis. In addition, many of the vitamins and minerals in spirulina are antioxidants, which protect the body from free radical damage. Oxidative damage due to free radicals has been shown to contribute to fertility issues such as luteal phase defect, poor egg and sperm health, as well as lowered overall immunity and health.


Nourishing our bodies during preconception with spirulina is very important. Vida Ready’s Spirulina not only helps you be life ready but it also helps increase fertility due to its antioxidant content which aids in maintaining the health of sperm and egg cells. Spirulina also contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals which are essential in healthy fertility. Ultimately learning what to eat and how to take care of ourselves before our new baby comes into our world, gives us a foundation that we can lean on for the rest of our lives.

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