My Collagen Experience!

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My Collagen Experience!

My first time taking collagen 

Growing up in a household with people who take the most care when it comes to their skin and overall health I’ve always heard of collagen but never understood its benefits. I always associated collagen as a superficial beauty enhancer with no real health benefits besides enhancing hair, skin, and nail health. After some research, a couple of articles, and google searches later I came to the conclusion that collagen, as I knew it was not just a beauty enhancer but much more. Its health benefits really caught my attention, especially when finding out about collagens’ ability to help alleviate joint and bone pain. With a bad knee and ankle due to sports injuries during my youth, I decided to jump on board and give collagen a try and see if the health benefits would benefit me.

After some research into which collagen brand I found to be right for me, I settled with Just Collagen Coffee Creamers and Collagen sips. The creamers caught my eye because of the natural ingredients and coconut powder they use. The Collagen Sip flavors caught my eye because of the unique flavors and the ability to make flavored alcohol cocktails. Which was a huge plus! 

Why Just Collagen and Collagen Sips

Initially, I was still skeptical despite my research on collagen and its health benefits, so once I placed my order I was in for the long run. Once my order came in I was excited to give it a try! With the collagen sips unique flavors that include, spicy margarita, peach sangria, mango mojito, and strawberry daiquiri it was hard to pick one right off the bat. I decided to go for the strawberry daiquiri, given that I love strawberries I figured it would be the safest flavor to try first since I love all things strawberry. I was not disappointed, the fresh flavor and smell of strawberry are noticeably there. As for flavor, it didn’t disappoint, I noticed no after taste and a natural strawberry taste. With this small feat, I have joined the ranks of a collagen warrior and my journey to better health began now. I know the effects would take a while to manifest. 

2 Week Results

After 2 weeks on collagen, I began to notice small but subtle changes with my skin. Family members were the fits to notice but it took me some time to fully accept the changes as a result of the collagen. I would drink a cup of coffee every morning with a chocolate or original Just Collagen Coffee Creamer in addition to a Collagen Sip during workouts to hydrate me. So the changes were inevitable but noticing them did take some time. I first noticed my skin being more “glowy” in the sense that it looked as if my skin was in a constant state of hydration that was visibly noticeable. I also noticed my knee pain began to dissipate until before I knew it it was almost none existent. My main concern was making sure my knee pain was taken care of and everything else was just extra in my book. The beauty-enhancing benefits such as healthier and shinier hair and nails were just extras on top of what the collagen was working on internally. 

The only explanation for all this would have to be that the collagen worked beyond my expectations. Given that it was my first time taking it and the effects were drastically noticeable especially when it came to my knee pain! I could squat, and run longer without having to rest or worry about further injuring it as a result. Ultimately, it rid me of my knee pain altogether and as a result, I became a fan of collagen. For years I accepted the fact that my knee pain would always be an issue I would have to cope with or get surgery for. However I never, not even in my wildest dreams, thought that a common supplement, like Just Collagen and Collagen Sips would fix what I thought was impossible. Collagen worked wonders for me and it can work wonders for anyone who takes it, as long as you take it, you’ll not only benefit externally but internally as well. Just Bloom made me believe in myself by giving me my knee health back and as a result, I’m now a lifetime fan of collagen!