How Vitamin C Helped Me Against COVID

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How Vitamin C Helped Me Against COVID

How Vitamin C Helped Me Fight COVID

Like something out of a movie, the idea of a worldwide pandemic never seemed like a reality I'd get to experience in my lifetime. My summer plans for 2020 were like any other 28 year old, full of beach trips, restaurant dining, and hanging out with friends and loved ones. Like something out of a movie, COVID-19 came with full force, and not once did I ever assume I'd be on the receiving end of COVID. I like many focused solely on preventative measures such as face masks, gloves, and frequent hand washing. Not once did I take into count my own natural defenses, nor did I look for ways to strengthen them and give my immune system a fighting chance.

My sense of smell was the first to go, and with it, my appetite. I knew proper nutrition and medication were beneficial to my recovery; however, it became increasingly hard to retain any food without feeling insanely nauseous and wanting to dispose of it, IMMEDIATELY. For the first few days, I had to turn to an all liquids diet because it was the only thing my body could retain. Bottled waters, Pedialyte, and occasional fruit smoothies with Vida Ready's Vitamin C became my go-to sources for nutrition. I figured that since vitamin c is beneficial in fighting off illness by strengthening our immune systems, it should reinforce whatever remaining soldiers I had left fighting this microscopic battle inside me. I also didn't want to rely on over the counter medications solely, I wanted to help my body fight the battle while simultaneously strengthening its natural defenses. Into a blender, I added water or organic orange juice, and any fruit I was able to get my hands on, in addition to the two tbs. of Vida Ready's Vitamin C. Given that I couldn't smell my sense of taste was mostly gone too. Most foods tasted like tofu, bland, and unflavored; however, I was able to taste the sour notes of the vitamin c, which only helped jumpstart my appetite!

My Results of Consuming Vitamin C 

Within an hour, I began to notice an improvement in my energy levels, an increase in my appetite, and a more coherent state of mind. Although not a drastic change, I was content knowing I was able to move about my home with more energy and not get as winded as before. The sour note of the vitamin c was also a welcoming experience because it was the first time in days that I was able to taste!

After five days of regularly drinking my fruit smoothies with Vida Ready's Vitamin C, I noticed my body and bone aches begin to disappear. My fevers reduced in numbers, and my appetite was slowly, but surely coming back. Thirteen days later, most of my major symptoms were none existent! Left with only a very slight cough, I feel like the added vitamin C into my breakfast and dinner smoothies helped aid in my speedy recovery. I noticed improvements in my health after I began consuming vitamin c, and most importantly, it helped jumpstart my appetite, which in turn allowed me to eat and get the nutrition my body needed.


Ultimately, not once did I assume I'd be on the receiving end of COVID, nor was I prepared to fight it. I took the strength of my immunity, along with my sense of smell and taste for granted. Vitamin C helped me strengthen my natural defenses during COVID and helped me start and end my day with something other than bland foods. Mentally, tasting the sour note of the vitamin c was more than enough to motivate me to roll out of bed on its own. Also, the change in my symptoms and health after that were more than enough to convince me to focus on strengthening my body's natural defenses. Vida Ready's Vitamin C helped me be life ready for COVID, and no matter what life decides to toss at me next, I'll be life-ready with Vida Ready!