Vitamin C – What, Where, Why?

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Vitamin C – What, Where, Why?

Hey, Babes! Today we want to touch on vitamin C. More specifically, what it is; why we need it; and where to find it. Obviously, it’s a vitamin (you’re such a smarty pants :P). But what kind of vitamin is it exactly? Vitamin C is a prettier way to say ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is needed to synthesize collagen. This nutrient is also essential to the body’s tissue repair. We all know how important tissue repair is – you need it to stay alive!

You might be thinking of oranges when you think of vitamin C. But there are a slew of other fruits and veggies that you can eat to get your fix.



They contain about 85 mg of vitamin C but are also packed with manganese, which helps to stabilize your blood sugar.



If you’re like us, you LOVE a nice, juicy pineapple. But you probably didn’t realize that they’re a good source of vitamin C. You can expect around 79 mg of vitamin C per cup. Being healthy never tasted so good!


Brussels sprouts

We bet you’re having the worst flashbacks from when you were a kid. Your mom probably told you to eat your Brussels sprouts or no dessert. We must tell you, mom was on to something. Brussels sprouts are good for you. They’re made up of about 75 mg of vitamin C. Maybe taking a different approach to preparation is key. Try baking them with your favorite protein. You won’t want to miss out on what these little guys have to offer.

 Bell peppers

These are such a great source of vitamin C. They can range from 95 mg in the green variety to over 300 mg in the yellow. Bell peppers are a great addition to quick dinners like fajitas. They just bring great flavor to any dish.

We’re sure you can add a few others to the list and we hope you do! The great thing about food is you can find something that works for you to get the benefits you deserve. With that said, happy hunting!

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