How to Choose the Right Collagen

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How to Choose the Right Collagen

Bovine, Chicken, Egg, Piscine – Oh my!

With many collagen options on the market it can be a bit overwhelming to choose one. There are a few different things you should consider while on your quest for the best. Everyone's needs and wants are different so each person's reason for consuming collagen is going to vary. We encourage you to do your own research. That research can be made up of intense Google searches, reading health articles, speaking with your doctor, and even reaching out to different collagen companies. Remember, only you know what's best for you. We're here to help you figure out what you might want to consider when choosing the right collagen.


Your Diet

Which diet you adhere to is a big deciding factor when trying to find the right collagen product for yourself. If you’re vegetarian, you would investigate marine options. If you eat pretty much anything, you can choose whichever is your preference. Each collagen manufacturer should disclose what its collagen source is on the packaging; it should be in the Ingredients section on the supplement label. Some people prefer marine collagen, while others like bovine-sourced.


Your Taste

Everyone’s palate is different – what may be neutral or even pleasing to some may not be to others. Out of the four collagen sources, bovine appears to be the least detectable. And this is the case even when it’s dissolved into good old-fashioned water. If you’re just going to add the collagen to some of your regular dishes or beverages, it doesn’t matter as much.


different types of collagen


Protein Content

There are so many different collagen manufacturers on the planet. But every company differs with how much collagen they include in a single serving. There are some single servings with 2.5 grams. And others that go all the way up 20 grams per serving. You must look at what your personal needs are and decide which will work best for you. If you’re an active individual, you’ll want to up your protein intake. If you’re on the more conservative side of activity, lower protein (collage) content may work for you.


Your Expectations

Some people are looking into collagen for its beauty benefits. Those individuals are more inclined to take collagen to improve their hair, nails, and skin. Others may investigate collagen for its gut health benefits. And yet others may want to include collagen in their routine because they’re active and are looking for tissue and muscle recovery. There are so many benefits for adding collagen to your routine. Figure out what you need (and even want) first and you'll be able to make an informed decision.



Collagen is definitely nice-to-have. Market pricing varies quite a bit depending on the company. Keep in mind that expensive collagen doesn’t mean that it’s always better. And less expensive collagen doesn’t mean it's not effective. There are some instances where you can find collagen that costs $25.99 and the quality can compete with the $100 collagen.

There are a lot of things you can do to make sure you choose the right collagen for yourself. It’s just like trying to find a good pair of jeans, it’s all about the fit for you. Just Bloom happens to have some honest, real reviews from customers on the product pages. Find out which of our collagen products best fits your life by clicking here.You can also reach out to the team via email for a free sample (You just pay shipping.)! Please include your full name, shipping address, and phone number when you contact us.  

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