How can collagen help boost your immunity?

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How can collagen help boost your immunity?

With a little amino acid known as lysine, that's how! Lysine is one of many amino acids that’s found in collagen. It helps promote collagen growth, helps the body absorb iron and zinc and it aids the immune system by helping produce enzymes, and antibodies. Lysine is one of the essential amino acids which our body cannot produce and must obtain it from our diet. However, to reap all the benefits of lysine, vitamin C is required. Vitamin c acts like a catalyst that kicks lysine into high gear, and that’s where collagen comes into play. Collagen contains two vitamin C enzymes that allow lysine to fully do its job and promote better immune health. In other words a collagen packet a day will help boost your immune health! A quick and easy way I make sure I get my lysine for the day, is to mix collagen peptides into my morning coffee or tea. Because I know collagen is such a great source of lysine, I take anywhere between 5-10g of collagen peptides per cup to help boost my immunity for the day. I also get the added benefit of lysine promoting natural collagen growth, meaning I get benefits both inside and out! With a schedule that leaves little room for change, the added benefit of one collagen packet per day makes it an essential staple to my daily routine.

What is lysine?

Lysine is an essential amino acid, meaning it's an amino acid that your body CANNOT produce, it has to be obtained by one's diet. It promotes collagen growth, supports the immune system, and helps produce enzymes, antibodies and hormones. Lysine also helps the body absorb Iron and zinc, both of which are essential micronutrients for maintenance of the immune system. Men in general have weaker immune systems than women and as we all get older, immunity declines due to age and lack of nutrients. Collagen peptides help curb the decline by providing the essential amino acids we require, boosting our immunity in the long run.Lysine is known to:

  • Reduces stress induced anxiety
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Produces white blood cells and enzymes
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Support immune system

Reduce your chances of falling ill.

How do I take lysine and how much should I take?

Lysine is more effective when taken with water on an empty stomach as it helps jumpstart the immune system. Most people get lysine from their diets, but to ensure you get it, collagen is the way to go! The estimated dosage for lysine is .012g of lysine per 1 lb. of body weight. In other words 5-10 grams of collagen peptides will have more than enough lysine needed to get the immune and collagen boosting benefits of lysine.

Why bovine collagen is good for your immune health.

Bovine collagen contains the amino acid lysine which aids in the production of white blood cells that fight off infections, in turn boosting your immunity. In addition, the benefit of collagen's high concentration of lysine helps promote collagen growth once consumed. Leading to a healthier you both inside and out. Collagen also contains the vitamin C enzymes needed to jumpstart lysine into high gear allowing us to reap all of its immune boosting benefits!

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